Membership is open to any person undertaking or having undertaken property activities within a Local Authority and those contracted to provide property services to Local Authorities.

Membership categories are:

Full Member: — Any person employed in a Local Authority.  For the avoidance of doubt, this category includes business units and other organizations which are wholly owned by one or more local authorities;

Sponsor Member: A company who is a current, fully paid up sponsor of the Association;

Associate Member:  An employee of Consultants, Contractors, and other Organisations that contract property services to Local Authorities, or have an input or influence over Local Authority property management;

Affiliate Member: Any person not meeting other member criteria who in the opinion of the Executive undertakes work of a similar nature to Members of the Local Authority Property Association

Life Member: Any person to whom the honour is bestowed at an Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive.

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It is the responsibility of the member to inform LAPA and request termination, which will arise from any of the following circumstances:
- Member request to rescind membership
- Change of position with the local government sector and employment outside the areas of property consultancy / property management
- Change of position and employment outside the local government sector
- Change of position and employment with a private firm, whether within our outside the local authority property consultancy / property management sectors