LAPA Executive Details

LAPA is run by an Executive made up of people from a wide range of geographical locations around New Zealand and from councils of different sizes. All members can be contacted with a single email to

Executive Nominations close 30 September 2019


LAPA Executive Members

Karen Bartlett (President/Treasurer)

Team Leader Property

Environment Canterbury

Phone: 027 279 5848

Mike Kerr

Property and Facilities Manager

Central Otago District Council

Phone: 027 473 3515

Paul Ivory

Corporate Co-Ordinator

Auckland Council

Phone: 021 474 4167

Robert Cant (Secretary)

Senior Property Officer

Tasman District Council

Phone: (03) 543 8400

Rebecca Van Orden

Team Leader Community Property

Ruapehu District Council

Phone: 027 660 0199

Flash Sandham

Commercial Manager

Taupo District Council

Phone: (07) 376 0899

Marie Clarke 

LAPA Executive Assistant

Phone: 027 460 9016