LAPA Helps LINZ produce new Standards and Guidelines for the Public Works Act (PWA) Process

In April 2013, LAPA accepted LINZ’s request to supply a subject-matter expert to sit on a panel set up to review the Standards and Guidlelines for PWA processes.

Previously, local government managed under PWA processes that were, essentially, set up for Crown entities.  Most of the time, these processes worked well, but there were minor areas of difficulty, and LAPA certainly appreciated the opportunity for local government property to have input into the revised documents.

Wendy O’Neill volunteered to be our representative, and gave up much of her free time over the past year to work on an updated set of documents that reflect both Crown and local government’s roles in using the PWA for their activities.

Now, with the release of the new LINZ documents this week, we in local government have a document that we helped to create.  “PWA property people” will see significant changes and improvements.

This is a big step forward for those involved in local government PWA processes, for the following reasons:

– Local Government now has a PWA tool that it helped to create, and which embodies some of the nuances of local government PWA activities;

– The success of LAPA’s representative on the review panel is helping to forge closer ties with LINZ, and we anticipate more developments to follow, based on this closer relationship;

– It also represents a successful start to LAPA’s developing “Technical Teams”, which we plan to make more use of in the future.


Below we have posted the pdf copy that was supplied to us, and also a link to the LINZ website, so that you can be sure of downloading the latest version.



Website Link for Guidelines For The Acquisition of Land Under the Public Works Act

Website Link for Standards For The Acquisition of Land Under the Public Works Act