NZTA PWA Valuation Templates

What is being made available?
NZTA is kindly making available to members its pro-forma templates for valuations for land being acquired under the Public Works Act.

The report templates below are the Transport Agency’s recommended valuation report to be used for PWA acquisition work. The structure is based on the ANZVGN Guidelines and the IVS reporting standards. The Transport Agency expects to receive a valuation report (in PDF format) that uses the headings of the template, presented in the same order as the template and with supporting commentary that provides at least the level of detail described in the template. A key reason for creating the template is the ability to compare valuations from different Valuers and hence the requirement to use the same order and provide the level of detail expected.

Using the templates
The Transport Agency understands that Valuers will tailor the template and add paragraphs and descriptions as appropriate depending on the subject property. Valuers that want to make any other changes should advise of the proposed changes in the Scope of Works. Some valuation practices may have in-house templates or systems to assist in the report writing process. The Transport Agency accepts that the template can be used in this manner and is willing to work with valuation system providers to make the templates widely available on multiple platforms. Please ensure all guarantees, disclosures compliance statements and disclaimers etc. are attached to the reports. Separate templates are available for Residential, Rural, Lifestyle, and Commercial/Industrial properties. NZTA Valuation Templates Link